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Elevate and align your business and life with your truth

Unlock the
5 secrets
to Attracting Ideal Clients and Multiplying Your Revenues while having the
Time-wise freedom

By being aligned with your soul

By offering incredible transformations to your customers

With business strategies customized to your UNIQUE YOU

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inscris toi

Are you ready to revolutionize your business and skyrocket your income while reclaiming your time and aligning with your soul's mission? 

This workshop is the perfect combination of Mindset, Energetics and concrete business strategies to expand quickly and gracefully.

We will work

and embody together

Deep Mindset and Energetics Work: Learn how to align with the frequency of expansion and release what no longer serves your higher self.

Creating Powerful Offers: Craft irresistible offers that resonate with your values and effortlessly attract eager clients.

Magnetic Marketing: Master the art of visibility and connection to attract new clients every day.

Selling with Ease: Transform sales into sacred service by understanding your clients' needs and offering authentic solutions.

Customer Retention: Discover strategies to keep your clients coming back for more and elevate their journey with your business.


It is time to


your transformation

Release all your fears and limiting beliefs to become a Diva manifesting abundance based on your unique human design.

Get all the keys and support you need to get to the 6-figure +  income level you've been dreaming of, while having the Time-wise freedom.

Joyfully and easily attract new customers to you every day with attraction strategies adapted to you to build your dream residual income.


Catherine Girouard

« I tripled my income in my first month of coaching and reached $11,000/month after only 2 months of working with Jessica. »

Ready for Your Next Level of Expansion?

Follow me and dend a private message on Instagram @elevatejessica.

Transform your business, transform your life.

It's time to thrive!

See you on the other side

More about me

Jessica Rheault

Business Mentor
7-Figure Strategist and Energy Activist for Women Entrepreneurs

As a business mentor with over 7 years of entrepreneurial experience, I've mentored hundreds of clients to success, generating over $500k annually while maintaining a 20-hour workweek. Featured in Forbes' Top Women Empowerment list, my mission is to empower women to achieve financial abundance and alignment with their life's purpose.

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