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Release and Transcend

By Jessica Rheault and Véronique Broomfield


Free yourself from limitations and transcend your barriers to achieve unlimited income in your business and life.

Monthly subscription for ambitious entrepreneurs.

When your heart, emotions, and actions support you, you embrace your unlimited potential.

In this state, you connect to your true desires, and your ideal income begins to manifest.


Release and transcend

provides powerful support to help you free yourself from limitations and transcend barriers on the path to your unlimited income potential.


Why work on energy and mindset?

Many of our clients already have the necessary business strategies but feel the need to work on their energy to connect to their desires and exponential income potential.


It's time to co-create your transformation.

Free your fears and blockages to activate your energy towards:

Abundance: Attract and create unlimited wealth. Manifest your income potential connected to your desires at lightning speed by releasing unresolved traumas, insecurities, and fears.

Time freedom: Create a schedule based on your desires and free yourself from the idea of forced labor to integrate a more balanced life. Work less and earn more by releasing beliefs and energetic blockages.

Personal and business growth: Evolve and make your business prosper in harmony and love for work by eliminating the fear of lack.

Alignment: Be in harmony with your inner truth.

Legitimacy: Feel competent in your field by changing beliefs of non-legitimacy and fear of judgment.

How it works

2 sessions of 90 minutes per month: Group healing and activation calls, recorded and available for replay on our platform.

Session with Véronique Broomfield: Energetic coaching and release with psychotraumatology.

Session with Jessica Rheault: Release through somatic bodywork (combined with breathwork) and activation to manifest your new reality at lightning speed.


  • Mindset and Manifestation Workbook included

Special launch offer

111 USD per month, taxes included.

*You can cancel the subscription at any time!


It's time to choose yourself, say YES to yourself, release, and transcend your glass ceilings!

**Please fill out this health form before starting.**

Got questions ?

Write to us

On Instagram at elevatejessica

And on Facebook at Véronique Broomfield

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